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Wonderful service, kind, and very professional. I loved that I didn't have to take any time off or time out of my weekend to get my teeth cleaned. I would highly recommend this service to offices to help their busy employees who might be juggling multiple things at work and at home. It makes a huge difference! Laura, Toronto

"Very friendly and professional service all with the convenience of a cleaning at my work office. Thank you.

Joey M. - Toronto

"Thank you The Smile Room !! Had a full cleaning and whitening done over my lunch break earlier this week, and it was honestly the best dental experience I’ve ever had! Tina made me laugh the whole time! She made time fly and I truly felt so comfortable. It’s also so convenient that you guys were at our offices. Now I have no excuses for missing a cleaning because it’s so accessible. Thank you! Thank you! 😁"

Nala A. - Toronto

"I had my teeth cleaned at the smile room and I could not say enough about them!! They were gentle yet thorough, personable, and very clean. Thank you for making my experience so good! I used to hate going to get my teeth cleaned but not anymore. You have a patient for life, see you in 3 months!

Summer L. - Toronto

"Gentle cleaning completed quickly!

Conrad A. - Toronto

"What a great experience. It was a seemless experience from beginning to end.. From booking online, to walking down the passage, to having services provided, and back to my desk in less than an hour... Tina has a great touch..."

Sandy P. - Toronto

"Went today.. Sunday morning...yes, Sunday morning! Took my 2 kids and all 3 had our teeth cleaned. Super professional, friendly and most of all flexible timing as its tough for me to take time out of work. Highly recommend.

Hugh G. - East York

"Excellent! Great experience, right in the office"

James I. - Toronto

I had an incredible cleaning From Tina at the smile room!! At first I was a little hesitant as she was doing it in our office remotely and I didn’t know what that would quite look like. Having worked previously in the dental industry for over 12 years, I was curious as to how she would get water, suction and the Cavitron working in order to provide me with top level service. Well she did it! She had a remote machine that was able to give me all the comforts of what I would in a regular dental office. Her dental chair was actually more comfortable than that in a dental office. And to top it all off she gave a personal touch with lavender scented oil attached to my babe just call me and relax me during my cleaning. Even though dental offices are not a stressful environment for me, it was a nice personal touch And I was relaxed for the whole day. Tina was extremely knowledgeable. Don’t think I didn’t test her! I asked her about all the products that she uses in terms of the teeth whitening. Tina is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Again having come from the dental office and provided whitening services myself I wanted to ensure that I was going to use a product that didn’t leave my teeth sensitive. I do have highly sensitive enamel because of recession and fracture lines. I was so extremely impressed with her hydrating whitening product, made in Canada, that I didn’t have any sensitivity. It is worth every penny! My teeth have never looked so white! Thanks Tina, I had a wonderful visit and I hope you get many more clients to trust in your mobile dental office. I’ll be back in 4 months.- Erin,  Toronto

Great service, refreshing and innovative way to provide dental cleaning. Would highly recommend to anyone and will be back again!

Alex C. - Toronto

"Fast, easy, professional - great service!

Dave R. - Markham

"I was super impressed by this service. I made an appointment before work which was perfect. I didn’t have to take time off work. The staff were super friendly and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Definitely recommend them! The truly care about your dental hygiene! Thank you The Smile Room!

Khody M. - Toronto

"Great service wirh a “smile”

Dan W. - Markham

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