Frequently asked questions

How clean is the mobile clinic?

We sanitize the equipment and the room we set up in at the begining of the day, in between each client & at the end of the day. Our disposable/one-time use materials are safely disposed of at the end of each appointment. Our dental instruments are sterilized and re-processed at a Dental Office following Infection Control Protocols set by Public Health, RCDSO & CDHO

How much does it cost?

We follow the current suggested Dental Hygiene fees set by the province. Our fees are listed so that there are no surprises. Some of our most popular services:

  • Cleaning $155
  • Chairside Whitening $200
  • Take-home Whitening $100

Can I use my insurance?

Yes! We would be more than happy to submit your claim to your insurance company.

What if I already have a dentist?

That is great. We don't want you to break up with your dentist :) We make is super easy for you to have your teeth cleaned as frequently as you need/want and encourage you to see your dentist once every 12-18 months to have a checkup and x-rays. Should be notice something at your cleaning appointment that requires attention, we will let you know so that you can make an appointment with your dentist. Keep in mind, we do not have a dentist on staff and we do not take x-rays.

How do I get you to come to my place of work or living?

Have your HR person or Condo board email us at