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When will you return?

Many of you have asked us when we are coming back? We are ready to come back, as always keeping the wellness and safety of our clients and staff our number one priority. To be honest, the day we stopped working was the day we started assessing our processes and planning our return.

The nature of our unique set-up allows for individual treatment to be carried out in an isolated space; which proves to be ideal during the pandemic. Our strict attention to proper infection control protocols and systems, which we have always had in place, has meant that we have not had to make any major changes.  In keeping with that safety first priority and in alignment with our governing body, we have added the following protocols:

  • Pre-screening of patients 

  • Temperature check prior to appointment

  • Pre-treatment rinse to reduce bacterial/viral counts in the mouth prior to any treatment

  • Use of appropriate PPE as indicated by our regulatory bodies

  • Use of an air purifier in the room

  • Continuing to allow a 15 minute gap between every appointment to allow for complete air exchange in the room

We have ran into one hurdle though! Most of you (our amazing clients) are still Working From Home…making it difficult for us to meet you at the office 😊

Much like most businesses we have had to pivot and change. Instead of bouncing back, we are choosing to bounce forward. We are happy to introduce the addition of a new service:

The Smile Room@Home

Our Mobile Dental Hygiene Clinic can come to your Residential building and set up for the day(s) to provide Dental Hygiene services to you, your family and your neighbours in the safety of your building.

This allows for you to receive the convenient Health @ work service you are used to at your remote work location…your home! And now, your family members get to enjoy the service as well. Just come down the elevator to an assigned space in your building, have your much needed Dental Hygiene appointment and get back to your daily routine.

Get in touch with us ( to learn how it all works and to get us in touch with your building manager to bring The Smile Room to your home.

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