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Clean your dentures and dental appliances quickly and hygienically with the this Fresh Kit, the perfect combination of the high performance denture/appliance toothpaste, DentalFresh, and the ergonomically designed denture/dental appliance toothbrush, the SureGrip Brush. The comfortable design of the brush makes it as quick and easy as - well brushing your teeth.

- Wash your denture/dental appliance with the SureGrip and DentalFresh after every meal.
- Easy and safe to use, compact to store
- The SureGrip will last 2+ years
- SureGrip brush lasts 6+ months, easy to replace
- Apply 3 pea-sized drops per use, 50ml DentalFresh will last up to 3 months, doesn’t expire
- Designed by Dental Professionals and made in Australia

1 SureGrip Brush

50ml DentalFresh.

Appliance/Denture Fresh Kit

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