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Dr Mark’s Clean & Care Kit is the ultimate cleaning duo for removable dental appliances such as dentures, Invisalign, Night guards and mouthguards. There’s no need for traditional false teeth cleaning methods such as soaking in a denture bath and no need to wait hours to remove the build-up of harmful bacteria and germs. Get the job done in minutes with the Clean & Care Kit - simply add DentalFresh denture soap to Dr Mark’s HyGenie, twist and rinse. Clean, fresh, safe and healthy.

- Two products you need to clean, protect and store your dental appliance (dentures, nightguards, clear aligners, retainers, splints)
- Safe product combination for a twice-daily hygiene routine
- HyGenie device lasts 2+ years
- HyGenie brushes last 6+ months
- Apply 3 pea sized drops per use, DentalFresh will last up to 3 months, doesn’t expire
- Designed by Dental Professionals and made in Australia


Dr Mark’s HyGenie

50ml DentalFresh.


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