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Dr Mark’s DentalFresh® is an easy-to-use, fast acting and fresh scented cleansing gel. Think of it as SOAP for washing your dentures, night guard, aligners (like Invisalign®) and mouthguards. DentalFresh cleans dental appliances by washing away biofilms and food particles and attacking the harmful germs and bacteria that collect on your dental appliance leaving them clean, hygienic and healthy. Use it as a denture toothpaste with your HyGenie or SureGrip Denture Brush.

- Attacks germs and bacteria in seconds
- Alcohol, bleach and paraben-free, safe for children
- Washes away biofilms and food particles
- Perfectly pH balanced at 5.0, ideal for dissolving calculous and plaque over time
- Contains peppermint oil for natural antibacterial action and minty freshness
- Apply 3 pea-sized drops per use, 125ml DentalFresh will last 7-8 months, doesn’t expire
- Formulated by Dental Professionals and made in Australia


125ml DentalFresh, flip-top easy squeeze tube, will last 7-8 months, doesn’t expire.


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